One of the lowest carbon footprints in the hotel industry!

5.5 kg CO2e

Carbon footprint per occupied room on a daily basis in the calendar year 2022-2023

(based on calculations via HCMI Reporting)

Certification by 3rd party Certifier: pending

Industry comparison:

The Windsor Apartments and Hotel Rooms has implemented sustainability practices based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria:


• The Windsor uses electric energy and no fossil fuels like gas as energy source.

• The Windsor attempts to produce the majority of energy based on its own solar system and increasingly purchases electricity from sustainable sources. 

• 100% of lighting is LED – energy efficient. When buying new devices and lamps, only those with the highest energy-saving ranking and LED light bulbs are purchased.

• Main devices in the guest rooms, like airconditioning, are turned off automatically. 

• Devices like laptops, screens and printers automatically switch into energy- saving mode when not in use. Devices are fully shut down and turned off at the end of the day.  

• The lights on the desks and in the kitchen, bathrooms, printing room, meeting room and main office room are switched off when not in use. 

• The office is not heated above 22 Degrees Celsius. Heating / Cooling are switched off when opening the windows. 

• On hot days, natural ventilation is preferred over air conditioning.

• When buying new electrical devices (e.g. microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher) they all have a high energy-saving ranking.


• Taps have a maximum water flow of 5 liters/min.  

• Staff reduces water use as much as possible, for example by turning off the tap while washing their hands.  


• The Windsor continuously reduces and/or reuses waste. 

• For waste that is produced the Windsor separates paper, cardboard and recyclable items like glass and soft plastic in a yellow bin. General waste in a red bin. Organic waste is collected in a green bin.

• The Windsor encourages recycling of single-use food packaging and to reduce single-use packaging as much as possible.    

• Hazardous waste like batteries are collected in separate containers and brought to an appropriate collection point. 

• Furniture, devices and other materials that are no longer needed but are still  usable are donated to charities or staff. Computers that are no longer usable are returned to the IT provider so that the components can be reused on other computers. Materials that are no longer usable are disposed of at an appropriate recycling facility.  

• To reduce the amount of packaging waste, products are purchased in bulk when possible. 

• Cotton hand towels are used instead of paper towels.

• Single-use items, like plates and cutlery are not used. 


• The company is migrate its range of amenities and chemicals to eco-labelled products which include: 

• Soaps, Conditioners, Bath Gel

• Dishwashing soap and tabs and other cleaning products 

• The toilet paper and kitchen towels 

• Cleaning is done with fibre clothes rather than disposable towels. 

• Eco-friendly air fresheners


•: The Windsor promotes to drink tap water as the quality in Brisbane is said to be better than water from plastic bottles due to plastic pollution.  

• Guests are encouraged to consider vegetarian or vegan options

• Cultural standards and traditions are always taken into consideration


• The Windsor informs its suppliers about its sustainability policy and strongly encourages the suppliers to follow the same sustainability commitments.


• The Windsor Apartments and Hotel Rooms is an equitable employer

• The Windsor apartments and Hotel Rooms (The Windsor) complies with all applicable legislations and conventions regarding labour, health, safety, human rights and the environment and strives to go beyond the legal requirements for a good work environment.

• Any discrimination is not acceptable at the The Windsor 

• The Windsor keeps its procedures, decisions and partnerships open and transparent.

• The Windsor respects the privacy of its staff, partners and guests and complies with General Data Protection and Privacy rules. 

• The Windsor supports other social and environmental charities in their work and seeks opportunities for cooperation and collaboration.