Sustainability at The Windsor

Now Ecostars 3rd party certified: GOLD LEVEL
Certification code: OCAU-001.638 (Expedia / Bookingcom / GSTC partner)

We are part of the HRS Green Stay accreditation programme.

The Windsor Apartments and Hotel Rooms has implemented sustainability practices based on the GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria

Carbon footprint only 5.5kg CO2e!
per occupied room on a daily basis in 2023 established via Green Key GSTC HCMI.

One of the lowest carbon footprints in the hotel industry!
(Average: 30-40kg, see link)

With great guest support we have been working on:

1. Moving increasingly to renewable ENERGY

• At The Windsor we use electric energy only.

• The Windsor already produces a large share of energy based on its own solar installation and increasingly purchases renewable electricity from it’s energy provider. 

• Main electric devices are turned off automatically and 100% of lighting is LED – energy efficient. When buying new devices and lamps, only those with the highest energy-saving ranking and LED light bulbs are purchased.

2. Reducing WATER usage and chemicals

• A hotel can conserve thousands of liters of water and literally tons of laundry detergent with a sustainable towel/linen use program. Consumption adds up to millions of litres of water and lots and lots of laundry detergent per year. Moreover, detergents contain suspected carcinogens and ingredients that are not fully biodegrade. Guests participation in the towel reuse program make a large difference.

• Further, taps have a max water flow of 5 liters/min (which is plenty).

3. Reduce/reuse/recycle … WASTE 

• It is an undeniable fact that plastic is a big threat to our environment and it is said that if we don’t make major changes, there will be more plastic items than fishes in our oceans. To reduce the use of plastic, we will be moving towards refillable toiletries bottles, instead of single-use plastic bottles for shampoo, body wash and conditioner. We believe it is one of the best ways to reduce usage of plastic. 

• No need to say, at the Windsor we separate paper, cardboard and recyclable items like glass and soft plastic in a yellow bin. General waste in a red bin. Organic waste is collected in a green bin. Otherwise, of course, hazardous waste like batteries are collected in separate containers and brought to an appropriate collection point. Furniture, devices and other materials that are no longer needed but are still  usable are donated to charities or staff. Computers / TV’s that are no longer usable are returned to the IT provider so that the components can be reused on other computers.  Further, to reduce the amount of packaging waste, products are purchased in bulk when possible. Cotton hand towels are used instead of paper towels. Single-use items, like plates and cutlery are not used. 

Fun Fact

• Tap water (google it or read here) is of very high quality in Brisbane and it is said to be better for your body than water from plastic bottles due to nanoplastics and chemicals inside plastic in the latter. All rooms are equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, enjoy!